Evidence Based Career Guidance

We specialize in careers that both make a meaningful contribution to your community and will be relevant well into the future as you and the world evolve. I’m the chief career mentor and founder of Careers That Matter. I love helping teenagers identify career counselling for high school students meaningful and impactful careers they can grow into.I got terrible career counselling in high school. It was superficial, cookie-cutter stuff, based on little more than my school grades and a brief discussion about things I was interested in. I started three different degrees in my early twenties trying to work out what I wanted to do – engineering, then law and then science. None of them felt quite right. Eventually, I found my way to a career that I loved, and I reinforced my qualifications for that work by completing three master’s degrees at the world’s top universities – Cambridge University student career counselling the London School of Economics, and The University of Melbourne.But I wasted a lot of time and mone in the process and I don’t want your teen to make the same mistake.I am driven by the question; how can people have an impact through their work. I have come to this from reaching my own place of clarity; a place from which I have gone on to have many jobs that matter.I founded and served as career counselling for teens of an award-winning teen career counselling. I then followed my passions – and applied my skills – in politics, commencing as a State Director of a significant Australian political party, before moving to the national arena as the federal party’s parliamentary director and then national policy director working out of Australian Parliament House.Along the way, I also worked as a lecturer and research scientist at career counselling for students top universities, and most recently, as a mother of two wonderful children. We have interviewed over 200 top leaders with meaningful careers on what works and what doesn’t. We have reinforced this with academic research and top thought leadership, and turned it into an accessible program for teenagers.Over three months, we develop a unique career plan based on each teenager’s personality, talents and values. We then support them for a decade to adapt their plan as they and the world evolve.

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